Kit Curly’s: curly hair treatment



Free advice for curly hair

Buy the kit and you will have one of our Curly Specialists at your disposal.
A real free consultation for your hair, which you can access by following these steps:

1. fill in our questionnaire by clicking on this link ➡️
2. send us 3 photos taken from 3 different angles (front, side and rear) via email, preferably with excellent resolution and lighting.
For a more accurate analysis of your needs, the photos must be taken immediately after shampooing your hair with the products you usually use and with naturally dried hair or a hair- diffuser.

Once this is done, one of our Curly Specialists will give you all the tips to take care of your curls and will recommend the Curly Kit that’s right for you.

Curly hair treatment with quality products

The right way to cure curly hair or to comb curly hair is a complex yet common problem among a lot of people that causes stress and nervousness.

Each curl is different for its characteristics and hairstyle and for this reason each and every person requires specific quality products for result to be obtained.

The Curly Kit is all you need to manage any type of curly hair, giving shape, harmony and volume to your curls.

For our kit we have chosen products of excellent quality, certified and suitable for curly hair to which we have added the advice of our Curly Specialist to give you the certainty of choosing the right curly hair products for you.
Request your Curly Kit now.

Curly’s hair products: the best care for your scalp and hair
Curly’s hair products are especially selected for those in need to nourish and protect their locks in the best way possible.
Thanks to their properties and their specific active ingredients, these products are the ideal tool to achieve those nourished, soft, defined and bouncy locks.
First and foremost, hair hygiene is a fundamental element of your beauty routine, so using the right products can make a real difference.
For this reason, the cleansing phase is indispensable and must be performed adequately by washing and purifying the scalp and hair.

This is why it is important to carefully choose the hair cleansing products that are right for you, such as shampoos, oils and conditioners: this way, you will avoid further damage to your hair and skin.
It’s important to consider that, although all curly hair is in need of the right amount of moisture, each person, has a different skin-type and different anomalies that should always be considered such as psoriasis, dandruff, seborrhea dermatitis and much more, these should never be underestimated and must be treated specifically. Our website offers a wide variety of products designed especially for your hair.


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